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Unlock the next level of success with EXOS.

People are busy and time goes quick. The best way to manage your investments is to connect with a trusted advisor that puts your best interests first.

EXOS offers a full suite of tools and services to help you build a portfolio of new, custom-designed strategies while filling any gaps in your overall financial plan.

Your licensed advisor will provide insight to navigate fluctuating market climates and obstacles, allowing you to make educated short-term decisions that have higher long-term potential to earn more with minimal risk and faster results.

Corporate Retirement Planning

Our corporate services make it easy to implement an employer-sponsored plan that benefits everyone. We’ll work with you to address ERISA compliance, fees and tax implications while extending ongoing coaching sessions to employees. Other advantages include higher productivity, less turnover and the ability to attract talent on a wider scale.

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We have customized solutions for your individual needs.


Investment Management




Education Funds Planning




Income Taxation Strategies



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EXOS Life-Mentorship Program

Our life-mentorship program is designed for those that desire positive change, regardless of age or experience. Our program helps clients reach personal milestones and pinpoint opportunities for advancement through an educational process based on financial health concepts, behavioral finance theory, sound habitual success practices and self-recognition.

What is the role of your Financial Advisor?

The top financial advisors will always want to watch you succeed. Making a difference in someone’s future is more of a passion than a job. 

It’s necessary you feel comfortable sharing information with your financial advisor. A transparent relationship will allow your advisor to maintain a clear understanding of your situation and serve as a proper guide through the ins-and-outs of your investment program.

Our advisors use forward-thinking research to monitor changes in the global financial marketplace while tracking the progress toward your long-term goals. We also know which indicators to watch for in each unique case so you can make calculated decisions.

Advisor vs Accredited Investment Fiduciary™

J. Marcel Louimeus holds the Accredited Investment Fiduciary™ certification, which  demonstrates the necessary requirements have been met to serve in the significant role of Fiduciary Advisor. An AIF™ acts in the interests of clients with care, skill, prudence and diligence.

AIF™ certified professionals are identified as having met the highest fiduciary standard in the finance industry. The AIF™ certification is continuously being updated to reflect the most recent regulatory, marketplace and technology changes.

An AIF™ must be qualified to perform the duties represented by the following credentials:

– They passed all required examinations.

– They have the necessary experience.

– They have completed all required education.

– They have met all regulatory requirements.

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